jahART specializes in creating hand-made Note Cards featuring photographs of the Southern New Jersey Shore  area  as an addition to the large portfolio of unique, signed, matted, canvas and/or framed photographs of this area created by Jane Ann Hart.

Jane Ann has been creating Note Cards for over 35 years. Each Note Card is signed by the artist, Jane Ann Hart, and each image that adorns the Note Cards is an original photograph taken by Jane Ann Hart. All the Note Cards are blank on the inside allowing you to customize your message that is appropriate to the situation for which it will be used.

jahART also creates Note Cards customized with your business logo/website/contact information. Using custom, unique, signed, original Note Cards to communicate with your clients, lets you stand out in a very distinctive way.

When you send a handwritten Note Card it is naturally distinctive in this age of “everything email”,  but when you send a Note Card as distinctive and special as these (each one  a handmade original work of art signed by the artist), you truly stand out and distinquish yourself from your  business competition.

Whether you live in the region known as The Jersey Shore, own a business here, or just love visiting, seeing custom, signed, original and hand printed Note Cards with beautiful images of birds, sunsets, the ocean, and other iconic South Jersey Shore images, helps you share your love of the area. These Note Cards make a wonderful gift to special clients, friends, and family who love and perhaps miss the shore birds, those outrageous sunsets, the ocean. bay and beach,  as well as the many iconic landmarks in the area.